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Absolutely love it! I’m a dancer and a track like ‘What does the fox say?’ comes across as sheer delight. From start to finish, there’s not one beat that you can’t groove to. It starts making you sway from the beginning itself and the chorus just elevates the eccentricity on the dance floor! My favourites from the onomatopoeia are ‘Fraka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-kow’ and ‘Hatee-hatee-hatee-ho’. The best part of the song is ‘Ho-o-o-o-orse’ and I do a million steps when that plays!

The lyrics are unapologetically original and that’s what I love about the duo. They’ve made it not just a catchy dance number but also funny! The second verse always has me in splits because describing a fox so affectionately is unheard of! The first verse is an obvious treat because no one ever focussed so much on what sounds animals make! It’s impressively bizarre, unique and fresh. Did I mention highly entertaining and put on repeat?

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They will support Trump as long as their viewers do. Many people assume that the viewers get their opinions from Fox. In reality it is the other way around. I have personally spoken to a few staff members at Fox and it was pointed out that the majority of the staff and anchors were privately Hillary supporters. However Fox is a business before it is a media source. When negative Trump stories play, their viewership plummets. When positive Trump stories play it rises. You don’t get on a successful network like Fox for being dumb. You get on it for being smart enough to know how to spin a story and keep your viewers happy.

Their viewers demand pro-Trump stories, they play pro-Trump stories, Trump gives them free publicity which brings in more pro-Trump viewers. When you start to see them as a business their decision to spin everything into a conservative headline starts to make a lot of sense. It wouldn’t make financial sense for them to suddenly start being a liberal media source. They have no dellusions who their viewers are. Note that this is the exact same thing many leftist media sources do (try watching a Vox story about politics).

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