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The Braavosi obsession with Westeros is quite fascinating and it rarely lead to the good of the Westerosi realm. Varys speaks of the good of the realm but his actions rarely echoes that. He ruined Rhaegar’s plan at Harrenhal to rally the troops and remove Aerys, He released a raged fueled Tyrion and directed him to the hand’s tower were he would kill the only person who could bring stability to the realm. Then he went on killing Kevan, one of the last sane Lannisters in Westeros who could stop Cersei.

That’s not all. Another master of chaos can trace his origins to Braavos. Littlefinger’s ancestors came to Westeros from Braavos and saw their fortunes turn from sellswords to Lords right to LP of the Riverlands in matter of few generations. The Baelishes are quite proud of their origins. In fact the titan of Braavos is imprinted on their coat of arms. Littlefinger is quite renowned for making huge sums of gold appear from thin air. I wonder how he manages to do so considering he started up as a lord of a tiny piece of land.

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Following the Targ defeat, the sealord of Braavos was quite involved in a secret marriage deal which would have seen Viserys marry Arianne Martell. Also just before Robert died, Varys, Illyio, a faceless man and a former sword of Braavos happened to be all in the red keep, with Varys scheming with Illyrio right under Robert’s roof. There seem to be no rest to the wicked as Stannis doomed expedition in the North had been given a lifeline with the iron bank agreeing to a loan. Meanwhile some boy claiming to be Rhaegar’s son had appeared from thin air and is now leading the Golden Company at the Stormlands

Ah I almost forgot about the dragon eggs, 3 dragon eggs. Well back in Jaehaerys I Targaryen time, a certain Elissa Farman was able to nick 3 dragon eggs who were then sold off to the Sealord of Braavos. The Sealord went on to resist Jaehaerys veiled threats who, of course, wanted his eggs back. Isn’t that a coincidence?

So what is Braavos agenda? Well, we get a glimpse to it in Fire and Blood. Braavos know that it can never win against Westeros. Its army of sellswords would flee at the sight of Westerosi knights. Yet, through well timed changes, Braavos can Pentorise Westeros. It only need the right puppet king whose dependent on Braavosi money and influence to survive. Which explains why the kingdom has been under attack military, politically and financially wise since Aerys time.

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